The photographs on the right were taken with a digital camera through Variantor. By wearing Variantor, you will be able to see images similar to those depicted in these photographs. You will see the same confusing color combinations around you.

Printed matter and publications
brochures / packages / educational material / magazines

Left: Normal color vision, Right: CVD simulation by Variantor
Disaster prevention map

Green (temporary shelter) and orange (center from which foodstuffs are distributed) are hard to differentiate.
Geography textbook for use in elementary schools

Difficult to find orange line in green background.

This has been already revised

City planning
directional signs / guide displays

Textured paving blocks

Gray tiles and pink textured paving blocks are difficult to distinguish.

This has been already revised
Road sign

Texts are emphasized in red, but unfortunately they are difficult to read against a black background.

Product development
cars / electrical appliances / stationery


Holidays, Sundays and weekdays are difficult to distinguish.

People who engage in educational work

Children's painting

It should be noted that children use colors in accordance with what they see even though the colors look different.

The sense of beauty in nature is not related to the characteristics of color vision. However, it may sometimes be difficult to find specific colors in nature, e.g. for flowers and berries (making correct identification difficult).

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